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by Ron Cruger
A stinking mess!
Ron Cruger
The Spectator Presents "Stimulating Writing"
Jon Burras the_spectator001006.jpg
by Jon Burras
Losing Our Razors
from the writers and editors of The Spectator
Mankind has the strangest customs
He will celebrate anything.
A babyís birth, birth of a foal,
Or the arrival of a friend.

What should we really celebrate?
What events are really sacred?
Is something that happened years past,
Where we should place our emphasis?

Why not celebrate life today?
Visit a friend you havenít seen.
How about that aging mother
Who aches to see her girl or son?

Cook a meal for a homeless man
Serve it up as if he were king.
How about the sick and shut-in,
Wouldnít they like a favírite meal?

As we see the food thatís wasted
In one day in our blessed land,
We should feel the more compassion
As Thanksgiving arrives each year.

Frank Shortt
Josh Lee
Open Hearts,
Closed Borders?
by Josh Lee
Frank Shortt
by Frank Shortt
Bill's Return
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