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Say "no" to drones!
Frank Shortt
by Frank Shortt
Strange How Things Happen Sometimes
Silver Moon Lighting
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by Jon Burras
Just Say "NO" to Drones!
by Ron Cruger
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The Bronx Connection
Ron Cruger
The Trump Card
Strange How Things Happen
The Bronx Connection
Laramie Boyd
Is That a Trump Card Under His Sleeve
by Laramie Boyd
      So! Vice-President Joe Biden, former U.S. Senator from Delaware, is "calling old friends and potential allies to discuss the possibilities and problems of jumping into the Democratic presidential race." Whenever I see or hear of Joe Biden, it reminds me of when I wrote a letter to him about a eulogy he gave for Strom Thurmond in 2003.
      Thurmond was a U.S. Senator from South Carolina for 48 years. He switched to the Republican Party in 1964 because he opposed the Civil Rights Act to end segregation. Joe Biden, a Democrat, gave what I considered an eloquent speech praising his "best friend in the senate", and I asked him for a copy. Joe, of course, voted for the Act, so it was interesting that he would speak so admiringly of the man's record serving in the Senate, and of the man himself. Mr. Biden said he only corresponded with his constituents, so he never sent me a copy.
      Later on I did get a copy. I discovered the internet, where you can get most any information you wish for. And I go over the eulogy every so often as it is inspirational to me. I notice, also, that there are no gaffes, no blunders, no comical or serious innuendos or downright stupid remarks in the speech. Then we look at the recent record of Joe Biden's public, or not so public, sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad, "words of wisdom".
      Is this the man who may run for president, the Joe Biden who promised that the president had a "big stick?" And who called President Obama the first mainstream, articulate, bright and clean African-American? And, after coming in an hour late to a high level meeting, was caught on a microphone saying, "Give me a F***ing break?"
      Did potential presidential candidate Joe Biden once call the President "Barack America"? Then said the No.1 job facing the middle class was a 3-letter word, J-O-B-S, jobs? While thanking one of the organizers of a speech at a college, he said "Thank you Dr. Pepper, and thank you Chancellor...Dr. Paper...and thank you Chancellor?
      And there's more. One was,"If we do everything right, with absolute certainty, there is still a 30% chance we're going to get it wrong." (Yogi Berra would be proud of you Joe) He followed that at a meeting where he said to a crippled, wheel-chair bound organizer, thanking him, "Stand up Chuck. Let 'em see ya." Then, when honoring a foreign leader he said, "His mom lived in Long Island for 10 years or so. God rest her soul. And- although she's- wait-your mom's- still alive? Your Dad passed? God bless her soul."
      The article in the Desert Sun, Palm Springs edition, announcing the possibility of Biden running reads, "Biden poses threat to Clinton." The thought crossed my mind, which Joe are they talking about? The Joe who gave what I called a brilliant final farewell to Strom Thurmond, or the Joe Biden who can barely speak in public without putting his foot way down deep into his mouth? Maybe the threat they're talking about is simply that Joe will pull a few much needed votes away from Hillary, as some believe Donald Trump will pull some votes away from whoever runs for president as the Republican candidate. Joe vs. Donald. That would be an interesting race for the white house in 2016, that's for sure.    -Laramie Boyd
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