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Ron Cruger
A bad reputation - or is it?
by Ron Cruger
the_spectator001009.jpg John Nippolt
Race and Rank:
Fort Ord, 1964
by John Nippolt
Bill Barth the_spectator001008.jpg
by Bill Barth
This column previously ran on The Spectator
Watch your *#&$+&@ language!
This column previously ran on The Spectator
The Spectator
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Frank Shortt
by Frank Shortt
New Day Dawning
        Let's see now. I wonder. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said, in effect, it's up to the FBI to decide whether Hillary was illegally involved and/or indictable over her actions and/or statements in the Benghazi death of 4 Americans. Lynch announced that she would abide by the recommendation of the Bureau. So, the FBI returns a "no illegal involvement" of Hillary. Then, officially, Lynch follows through with her promise and states that no charges will be made against Hillary. Now, I can't help but wonder. Is it possible that the truth of the matter was that the Clintons, both Hillary and Bill, knew, as Lynch did, what the FBI verdict would be? Did Lynch know she wouldn't indict Hillary anyway, so it was a safe bet to announce that she would follow the advice of the FBI to get her off the hook. Did she know all along what the outcome would be? I wonder. Is it possible that our top criminal investigative institution and/or top legal counsel and/or the presidential candidate and/or her spouse would stoop to political expediency? I guess it was pure coincidence, the Clinton's and Lynch and the FBI will argue, that on Monday Lynch met with Bill Clinton, on Tuesday Lynch said she would abide by the FBI's decision whether or not to indict Hillary, then on Wednesday Hillary was cleared by the FBI. Do I really wonder? What's that old saying, "Something's rotten in Denmark." Or is it Washington D.C.?       -Laramie Boyd
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