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Laramie Boyd
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by Laramie Boyd
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America at the Crossroads
What thoughts do these names conjure up in your mind?

- Al Sharpton, Democratic spokesman:
      a. Freedom fighter
      b. Objective critic of the political scene
      c. Bigoted Republican commentator against the white man
- Clinton, take your pick which one:
      a. Beloved married partner
      b. Easily forgives transgressions of spouse
      c . When in a tight spot, lie
- Nancy Pelosi:
      a. Not too sharp
      b. Likes to pass laws not understood, then judge them
      c. Not exactly a favorite in her own party
- Michael Moore, self appointed critic:
       a. Very vocal
       b. Believes anybody cares about his opinion
       c. Media coverage of comments very strange
- Donald Trump, potential presidential candidate:
      a. A man who will fund his own campaign
      b. A man lobbyists can't buy off
      c. Has experience running big business
       d. Hair is never out of place.
- Chris Christie, New Jersey Gov:
      a. Can be nice if he wants to be
      b. Has experience in conflicts
      c. Knew Frank Sinatra
- Rand Paul, Kentucky physician:
      a. Pro gun advocate
      b. Snubbed by NRA convention as speaker
- Condoleeza Rice, "Condi"
      a. Good golfer
      b. Accepted as Augusta National Golf Club member
      c. First woman in the above
      d. Would surely give Mrs. C a run for her money
      e. Would need a lot of write-ins on ballot, as she isn't running.

- Laramie Boyd