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It all happens so quickly
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A Tree
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Tiger WHO?
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Frank Shortt
Water Shortage
by Frank Shortt
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     In his acceptance speech six years ago, Obama wanted to "remake" America. Notice he didn't say improve, just remake. And I'd say he's already accomplished much of that goal. Did any of these accomplishments on record really improve America?

- Lowering the respect level of the United States in foreign affairs.
- Raising the debt limit to astronomical levels with no end in sight. - Handing out entitlements to any group that asks, including those not willing to work for and earn them.
- Creating the greatest black/white divide since in slavery.
- When Congress doesn't do his bidding, handing out "executive orders for his personal agenda, bypassing the legal responsibility of Congress.
- Transforming America from a nation where we once bragged about being one of its citizens to a place where all levels of government are looked at and treated with suspicion and mistrust.
And the president's latest idea of mandatory voting reeks of a desperate man seeking a legacy of change whether for the better or worse, a lame duck grasping for any lifesaver in a storm. Dwight D. Eisenhower's motto of "It's time for a change" sought a better America. Obama, I fear, just wants a different one.

Laramie Boyd