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Watching the "Grim Reaper" at work!
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Ron Cruger
by Ron Cruger
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Laramie Boyd
The Grim Reaper
by Laramie Boyd
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Frank Shortt
by Frank Shortt
Isn't It Strange
Josh Lee
by Josh Lee
One in Ten Million
Is it possible that Hussein Obama will, or can, use his "executive power" and grant himself a third term? He seems bent on bending the system a lot lately. He has said if Congress won't do what he asks, he'll do it himself. And he says "sue me" if you don't like it. Brazen, arrogant and impudent talk for a man in the middle of a mess that to a great extent he started, if you ask me. Maybe he'll fire Congress if they don't do his bidding. How much more will the people, the Congress, even some of his own party members, put up with? There are echoes of dissatisfaction in the halls of Congress, I seemed to have heard somewhere. Enough is enough. Is he rated as one of the worst president ever? I heard that also. Is it goodbye to the good old U.S.A. as we knew it, a place where we were once proud to call home, when we felt safe traveling around the world and sent our sons and daughters to faraway places to maintain that status?

Did I hear some government sabers rumbling, because squads with riot gear may be sent to prevent the "protestors" from blocking the busses full of people who entered our country illegally. Doesn't the Constitution guarantee the right to assemble and redress grievances? What are the odds of any immigrants ever being dropped off on the White House lawn, or on the property of members of Congress? You can bet the Marines would be called out to stop those busses, or would the powers that be allow the protestors to block them? Someone please explain to me how the government could give priority to illegals over its own citizens. That should be against the law! And the law should be enforced!(Yes, there is a law, and, by executive order, it isn't enforced) Shouldn't the force of riot gear be used at the border points where the non-citizens are crossing illegally, or in the seats of governments where the illegals are being sent from?
- Laramie Boyd