A Diluted Society
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      A 2014 Survey finds that there are at least 119 million Americans that use prescription drugs. Nearly half of all Americans over the age of 12 take prescription pain relievers and tranquilizers, sedatives or stimulants. These drugs are misused by at least 19 million people. There is no way to accurately determine how many Americans are on street drugs.
      Each year approximately 42 million Americans are treated for mental illness according to a survey run in 2010. It is estimated by the National Institute of Mental Health that 45 percent of those with mental illness go untreated. It is estimated that 40 percent of adults with schizophrenia and 51 percent of individuals with severe bipolar disorder receive no treatment in a one-year period. These staggering figures, though a few years old should give us an idea how many more people suffer from misuse of drugs and mental illness in 2017.
      A known abuser of prescription drugs and also a sufferer of mental illness recently shot up a church in Texas. The tough part is that this person was allowed to own firearms. It is all too frequent that the perpetrator of mass killings, whether in America or in other countries, suffers some form of mental illness and as a result is under treatment with powerful drugs. What does this tell us about the caliber of gun salesmen who do not care enough for his fellow man to do at least a quick check of the gun buyer’s background?
      It has been said that “the world will eventually go totally insane!” Are we almost there as our citizens become more and more diluted with one thing or the other? It would be interesting to know how many people are obsessed with religions that teach them to hate all others not connected with their particular brand. Is not this a form of dilution of a person’s mind? Of course, the same holds true of other organizations throughout the world that require their members to do insane acts in order to prove that they really, truly believe what they are being taught! A good example would be the many gangs that are rampant throughout our society. Any organization that teaches hatred against another segment of society is deluded and diluted! They do this in order to keep their numbers up.
      It seems that ‘Fake News’ has taken over the media kingdom! Careers of many people are being ruined as reputations are being smeared, what with cows eating grass in the top of a tree. If the ‘fake news society’ is to be believed, some leaders are buildings tall, can step half a block, and leap over skyscrapers at a single bound! It is believed by many that President Trump has fire leaping from his eyes when he becomes angry. Then there are those who get their kicks just making up stories, with no substance, only for sensationalism. Isn’t this a form of dilution?
      Our Governments ability to service all citizens equally has been diluted by certain groups demanding more than their fair share of the pie. As a result, our national debt is almost 20 trillion and growing each moment! Efforts to stem the tide of debt is met with much opposition as some groups do not realize what a monster they are creating and some could care less! As we build debt, someone out there is holding markers, and could call in those markers at any time. Who in this world could hold that much sway over our system? Sometimes we are caught into a web not able to move as the spiders of destiny continue to enwrap us with more webbing.
      Hollywood is largely responsible for the thinking of most people. They portray society as being one of two things: violence abounding and/or Utopia as a final result. People take these movies as being representative of real life. If this were the case, there would not be a city left tomorrow as bombs and blasts explode around us. Our police force, though sometimes diluted, is what stands between the ordinary citizen and chaos! With all their faults, we should be thanking God every day for them.
       One of the greatest institutions that has been diluted over the years is our educational system. Due to politician’s promises to strengthen the system each time they run for office, little, or nothing, has ever been done to make public education a priority. Local schools are always lacking in maintenance, pay for teachers, and especially an ample custodial staff to clean on a daily basis. Even in the year 2000 classrooms were being cleaned every other day and, I daresay, even less at this writing. Is it a wonder that parents are seeking alternative forms of education for their children such as; charter schools, parochial schools, and private schools. It is sad that these parents have to pay twice for the education of their children, once in their taxes, and once for private education! So sad!
      It seems that the only answer is that, somehow, society as a whole must be overhauled. As farmers used to say, “We need to start from scratch and build again!”
      Scratch is where the chickens inside a chicken pen ‘scratch for their cracked corn!