America In Turmoil (One Possible Solution)
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 by Frank Shortt
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A chain reaction is taking place in America. Old landmarks are being removed, centuries old statues are being destroyed! In essence, all past history in America is being erased. There are moves on by some groups to remove the landmarks of all past historical events and memorials.
When I owned a house in the unincorporated section of the county of Santa Clara, I was allowed to raise as many as fifteen chickens. Once we were given a chicken with a shriveled leg, named Wilma. Needless to say, she walked with a noticeable limp. (Such as what our society is doing, just limping along!) When we introduced Wilma into the chicken pen, the other chickens immediately became agitated and began attacking her with their beaks. Wilma ended up very agitated and with no feathers on the top of her head from experiencing the ‘pecking order’ of the poultry genre. After a while, the other chickens became accustomed to Wilma the White Leghorn. Most of our other chickens were Rhode Island Reds. After many nights of hearing “baak, baak, baaaak” from the chickens being stolen from our chicken pen as they were carried across the adjacent school field, we decided to give the remaining ones to neighbors on our block. Wilma ended up with Mrs. Davis’ family next door and became ‘chicken and dumplings’ which Mrs. Davis, an excellent cook, shared with our family. When my two girls found out ‘Who’ we were eating, they exclaimed, “We can’t eat Wilma!” In truth, I couldn’t stomach Wilma either. Poor Wilma was rejected by her own kind and ended up being rejected as food by the ones who had nourished her for several years.
You may ask, “What does this have to do with landmarks?” Our landmarks, throughout the country, are inanimate objects being rejected by different elements of society. Each of us, animated as we are, has been rejected by someone or other in the past. This was the case with the animated Wilma. (She was pretty noisy as the other chickens tried to peck her brains out!) If certain members of our society have their way, we will not have one known landmark to turn to. I am sure that something we have revered in the past offends at least one person. Our other chickens were offended that we threw an old, crippled, White Leghorn in their midst?
There is a solution to this madness. Whereas different persons have left their mark, in one way or another, their names have been left on street signs, libraries, government buildings, parks, and playgrounds, which eventually, will offend someone, why not do the obvious thing before it is too late? (It seems we might kill each other off soon because of this horrendous landmark problem!) My solution: Let’s remove every person of note’s name from all public buildings, street signs, parks, libraries and playgrounds throughout the United States. Sure, it will require a certain amount of work replacing John Doe Street with Oak Street, etc. and will most certainly create tremendous amounts of overstocking at our public dumps, but what is a little money compared to the lives it will save? Are we not all Americans and should be working toward the same goals of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness?
Sometimes I wish we lived back on South Cragmont Ave. in East San Jose, raising our little garden, and our little, easily-ruffled chickens, feasting on Poor Wilma and having Mr. Charlie share his overripe fruit. Our ant hills have become large mountains, too difficult to climb. Our little shacks on the corner have become huge skyscrapers! And over all this looms the threat of nuclear annihilation by some little insignificant country. Now for the most significant thing that the United States has to face:
Today, I was in Walmart and read the headlines of one of our lying rags at the newsstand, it read, “Brad Pitt will marry again and Angelina Jolie is furious!!” She probably has a right to be furious being left to raise all those children she adopted while being married to Brad! Nonetheless, don’t you think Wilma was a wee bit furious as the other chickens attacked her for being a stranger and a cripple to boot? What about all the groups that have to suffer because one group is favored over all the others? This is something to ponder deeply by all caring Americans and, maybe even, the whole world! As the tail wags the dog, let us be content to eat cake!