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by Ron Cruger
Do I like the man - or not?
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       I donít know the man from Adam, but I donít think I like him.
       Heís just not my kind of guy.
       Whether we want to admit it or not, we have all made judgements about all who have crossed our paths in life.
       As soon as we see a face we make a decision if this person can be trusted or will he or she be a danger. It takes us only a few seconds to process the thoughts. The speed of the decision may seem unfair but since man stood straight and stopped walking on his knuckles thatís how our self-protection works. In general, the process works.
       Now that a few hundred thousand years have passed we take more information in making the ďsafe-or-not-safeĒ judgement. Stature, clothing, voice, reputation, make-up, attitude all aid us in our decision making mechanics.
       Since I first saw him, on television, a few decades ago Iíve tried to make an intelligent decision about how I feel about Donald J. Trump, our current president.
       Iíve watched and Iíve listened to scores of relatives and friends. Iíve watched the man perform both before and after his election as president. Before his election my decision of the man was that he was a phony-baloney, that required extraordinary amounts of attention. And he usually got just what he wanted Ė attention. But back then my assessment of the man didnít much matter. After all, he wasnít asking for my vote.
       Then, a very few years ago, he decided to run for our president and the ball game changed.
I listened more closely to friends and relatives in their assessment of Mr. Trump.
       Roughly half of the people, when assessing Mr. Trump, thought he would make a good president. The other half (friends and relatives) bordered on laughter to abject fear of his election.
        Just before election day news came out of Mr. Trumps feelings about women. Then he began orating about his promises of what he will accomplish starting with his first hour in office.
       He spoke of the changes he will make in Washington. Nationwide and worldwide.
      I listened and returned to the days when my ancestors walked on all fours. I asked myself ďShould I trust this man?Ē
       I watched him as he made his remarkable promises.
       It was apparent that he was making promises that approximately half of Americans of voting age wanted fulfilled.  The man knew what to promise.
       Donald J. Trump was elected, he was our president. To tell you the truth, I wasnít sure of what to think.
So, for the last few weeks, Iíve watched our president and listened to him. I look at him very closely and Iíve come to the conclusion that, although I wish him and our nation well Ė I donít like him.
       He boasts, he exaggerates, heís secretive, he has a poor sense of when to shut up and worst of all, I feel that heís not sincere about many things. I get the feeling that he, most of all, wants accolades and will do some deceiving things to gain them. His decision making process is lacking in knowledge, history and truthfulness
       And yet I want him to succeed. I want America to succeed.
       I donít think I would like him as a friend, a neighbor or a golfing partner
       Thereís something about integrity.