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Frank Shortt
I was born and raised in Shortt Gap, Virginia, just a small berg in the Appalachian Mountains. I attended High School and graduated at Garden High School in Oakwood, Virginia which is now a college of Pharmacy. At eighteen I joined the U.S. Air Force and served during the Cold War from 1960-64. Since then I have lived in San Jose, California. I have two daughters, four grandchildren and one great-grandson.

I have written poetry and short stories since I was just a young student but did not get the formal training in writing until I attended Evergreen College in 2011. The instructor was Sterling Warner and he taught me the fine points of Creative Writing. My hobbies include, collecting books, art, and musical instruments. I was once a performer in night clubs around the Santa Clara Valley. I love to write.

Frank Shortt, Retired Chief of Operations, San Jose, Ca. School Dept.
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