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          As best as the historians could remember, the troubles had started around the year 2006. The individual states, the states’ governors, nor the United States Congress could enact wise and effective laws pertaining to immigration. And so, from the turn of the 21st century America was forced to confront a growing disorder and tumult regarding immigration, race and color.
          The historians in the year 2295 generally agreed that the cause of the difficulties originated in the year 2006 when the problem of Mexican and Latino immigration to some of the United States was left to fester and grow without enlightened and understanding legislation. Marches, riots and public disorder grew, until the year 2025 when Latinos, who had grown to be a majority of the population in the western states of America, began an effort to have the western states secede from the Union and become an independent Latino Nation. A line, drawn south from the Canadian border, including the western half of Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon and Washington had become a Latino Nation. Its capital was located in Santa Barbara. Latinos made up 90% of the population of the new nation.
          With the growth of Islam in the United States, which had began around the time of the United States vs. Iraq war, the Muslim population of the remaining states had grown to over 30 million, and in 2095 the Central states of America became the Nation of Islam, a separate and independent country, no longer a member of the United States of America. North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas made up the new country known as the Nation of Islam. Its capital was in Tulsa. Islam was the official religion of the country.
American members of the Black race, citing the inequality of their treatment that still existed, gathered their forces and in 2107 formed a nation of former states and created a new nation, dedicated to racial justice for Black Americans. This new nation, called American Free State, consisted of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. The capital of American Free State was Des Moines.
          After becoming an important part of science, business and industry in the United States for over 100 years, the Asian population of the country felt that a portion of America should be devoted to people of Asian ancestry and interests. Sixty years after the formation of the American Free State Asians proposed and won secession from the Union and formed the Asian State of America, consisting of the eastern half of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico. A celebration was held in the year 2167 at the new nation’s capital in Las Cruces.
          Seventy two years passed after the formation of the Asian State of America and the announcement that the remaining states, east of, and including Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama and all the remaining southern, east coast and northeast States, would become a sovereign nation for people of the White race. In the year 2239 Syracuse was selected as the capital of the new Nation of White America.
          So, now it was the year 2295 and the former lands of the United States of America were divided into five distinct and sovereign nations – Latino Nation, Nation of Islam, American Free State, Asian State of America and White America. New constitutions were created. Thousands of miles of restrictive fences were erected, separating the countries. Rules were drawn, spelling out who was eligible to live in each country. Ancestry, lineage, genealogy, pedigree, race and bloodlines were investigated and approved. After creation of each country, residents and applicants were given 10 years to establish proof of eligibility. Residents not eligible to live in the new country were given 10 years to move to a more appropriate country.
          Residents of Hawaii and Puerto Rico were offered sovereign rights to become independent countries, which they became.
          Once a year the five presidents would meet to discuss common areas and problems, such as the creation of individual currencies and separate languages.
          In the year 2261 the five nations located on the east and west coasts and areas of the southern Nations were faced with their greatest problem – global warming had raised the oceans an average of 15 feet on their coasts. Some areas in New York and New Jersey had lost almost two miles of coastlines. In California, San Francisco, Redondo Beach and San Diego the ocean had covered thousands of acres of city lands.
Portions of the new northern Countries had been suffering from flooding for the past 150 years due to the melting of the Canadian snows, overflowing rivers and streams.
          Many cities and towns located in valleys of the Rocky Mountains were wiped out due to the melting Rocky Mountain snows.
          Passports and visas were required to travel from one of the new nations to another. Water from the Atlantic Ocean was beginning to rise in the streets of Manhattan. Atlantic City no longer existed. The beginnings of separate languages were formed in each nation.
          In the year 2270 a 14 day war was waged between the Nation of Islam and the American Free State. Cause of the fighting was constant border violations. Seven hundred and fifty combatants on both sides died in action, five hundred of which died as the result of the exploding of tactical field nuclear weapons.
           Deep in the hills of West Virginia a serious looking young boy sat on an antique rocking chair on the front porch of the family home. He was 17 years old and in his third year of high school. He was reading from his class history book, titled, “The Birth of the Nations.” The book covered the United States of America before the separations and then the creation of the five Nations.
         As the teenager read with interest the abandoning of the United States and the creation of five new countries from the carcass his grandfather opened the front porch door and walked towards him.
          As the grandfather neared, the young boy looked up from his history book and said, “Gramps, how come the United States got broken up? What happened?”
          “Shoot, son, it’s complicated, but I think two things happened during those times almost 300 years ago. One, those politicians were so interested in money and power that they forgot to take care of the things they were elected to do. Secondly, I think all of those people back then forgot that what made the United States such a great country was the arrival of new people to their states. Those foreigners, as they were called, brought a whole new energy to the country. It wasn’t easy on those foreigners, but they worked hard and brought drive and vitality and vigor to the country. Actually, son, I think the Americans of those days just forgot what it was that made their country great.”
          The young man, looked up at his grandfather and said, “Too bad, huh.”