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††††††††As the story goes, Abe walked miles to return money he overcharged a customer.
††††††††True or not, it exemplifies why America is the moral gold standard for the world.
††††††††Despite a few people like Madoff and some politicians, the America is still the country of the honest and the ethical.
††††††††Whereas, most of rest of the world is mired in corruption and dishonesty.
††††††††Just look around. In Mexico and South America everyone has their hand out for a bribe or the politicians and police are so corrupt you can't do an honest day's business without greasing a few palms.
††††††††In the Far East, China and Japan have a long history of "cum saw" or stacking the deck against the honest broker.
Russia and Eastern Europe have a long history of turning their backs on shady deals and underhanded rogues.
††††††††Oh, yes, we in America, Canada, England, France, Germany and a few other countries aren't exempt from illegal goings on. After all we had the Mafia and rum runners and Chicago-style politics and Wall street crooks. We are far from being above reproach.
††††††††But my point is that we generally do things the honest way. In the heartland, we deal with each other honestly without the expectation of a kickback or a few bucks padded to the deal. We sign a contract and expect it to be just what it says. We still shake a hand on an understanding and know that we can trust the person standing in front of us.
††††††††If we, as the nation that has lead the free world in the quest for individual freedom, can retain our moral compass, we can move the world toward a place where man can live with his fellow men without fear.
††††††††We need not be distracted by those among us who lie and deceive. The media likes to play up these characters and make them more important than they are. They are really tiny people in a land of honest, hard working folks.
††††††††So letís re-dedicate ourselves to being the moral leader of the world. If we do we need not fear those who oppose us.
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