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      Do you ever stop to think, and suddenly realize that you are completely out of most loops? Watching some of the many awards shows that take place this time of year, I notice that I haven't seen any of the movies, or heard any of the songs that are nominated. I usually wait 'til the flicks are on CD's so I can rent them. And as for the songs, if I knew what channel or station they were played on I would use my Constitutional right not to turn the dial to that station. That is, click the remote. There aren't any dials nowadays I guess.

      Whenever I do travel, in and around the Coachella Valley where I live, and scan the FM station for traveling music, most of the stations send out strains of music from south of the border. And I don't understand Spanish! The rest of the stations seem to prefer rap music or loud, incoherent, to me at least, vocal renditions. And the talk stations that I can understand invariably dwell on topics ranging from what to do on a first date, after sex, to what rock star they like best, two topics I am strangely uninformed about.

      Even watching TV, it's the same old rhetoric, on every news channel or talk show.  Obama this, Romney that, or Newt said so and so, repeating what was covered on the debate the night before. And  they were the same topics the time before that. I somehow know that the panel of candidates are mouthing what they've said before, what they think the viewers want to hear, with no more resolve to get what they propose done, if they are nominated or elected, than a man in the moon. The candidates seem to act like they haven't learned that in most cases, they can only go as far as the Congress or Supreme Court will allow.

    So I ask myself if life is flowing by me at the speed of light, and I can't focus on it? Am I just an old geezer that has let life pass him by? And I often wonder how I can come to terms with all the changes that are taking place around me, how I can relate to them, be a part of them, understand and respect them? How do I make sense out of the things that are happening nowadays that seem so wrong, so out of sync with what is right and good?  Can somebody tell me that? I guess the easy answer is "I'm simply getting old, and it isn't always fun."

Can't we just live together?