Vika's Awakening
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        Sometimes it takes a tragedy for good things to manifest.
        I was recently at a funeral in Santa Clara, California. This was a double funeral as a man and his wife died at the same place, presumably at the same time. The couple was immigrants from the Ukraine who had come to America for what they hoped would be a better life for them and their two girls. Their names were Vlad and Marina.
        They had gone scuba diving at Point Lobos in the Carmel, California area and had left their seventeen year old daughter, Vika, on the beach telling her they would be back at a certain time.
        As she sat on the beach she read the bible in the first chapter of Joshua, verse 9.
        “Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.” Vika is a member of the Orthodox Church.
        She assumed that God was telling her not to worry about her parents.
        As the time arrived for her parents to resurface, around 2:45 p.m., she became concerned for their welfare as they were usually very punctual. When they did not appear, she called the authorities for help.
        When rescue crews arrived they found Marina floating face down in the water. Vlad’s body was later recovered by firefighters. CPR proved futile, so they were taken to a hospital where they were both pronounced dead.
        “Did God tell me something wrong?” Vika thought. Was I wrong in thinking that God meant this for my parents?”
As Vika thought on the situation she came up with the right solution.
        “God was telling me that He had already looked down the road ahead of me and that the scripture was for me and not my parents.”
        This is the amazing thing about the Creator, that He is able to tell the end from the beginning, otherwise He would not be the all-knowing one.
        People in Florida are being told by their leaders ahead of Hurricane Irma to vacate their houses, and all that they have accumulated. For the earthbound creature that we are, it is very difficult to just pack up and leave everything behind that we have slaved for. Also, it is very difficult to have to face the unknown of a new location, as well as, to return back to the house we had known to find it in shambles.
        This is somewhat how Vika must have felt not knowing what to expect when the divers went out looking for her parents.

When we are warned of impending destruction and do not heed it, who do we blame if the Hurricane comes and takes away all that we have and possibly our lives in the bargain? There is no way to predict the direction the wind will blow. There is no way to determine how strong the wind will be when it strikes our region. This can be said of earthquakes, tornadoes, flooding, and any number of natural disasters. The only hope, for the wellbeing of our bodies, is to heed the warnings of our elected leaders, if the disaster does not also take them by surprise!