What Changed Our Minds?
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 by Frank Shortt
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It has been said that with more education comes more enlightenment. It is sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worst!

In 1960, I supposedly became a man. I turned eighteen on July 14, 1960, Bastile Day! Immediately thereafter, I was sprinted off to San Antonio Texas for basic training at Lackland Air Force Base.

After basic training I was sent to Mather AFB near Sacramento, California. During the next four years I was thrown in with many characters of questionable values, mine included. We had one thing in common. We were trying to serve our country in the best way we could, usually to the tune of our sergeant’s orders. Our time off was spent drinking, going to movies, or going to downtown Sacramento looking for the opposite sex.

During my years of active duty, I was accosted by several men of a different sexual persuasion than what I was accustomed to. Not having an automobile of my own, I would be compelled, after any business downtown, to stand at what was referred to as the ‘pick-up station’ in downtown Sacramento. This was in case someone came along from the base that would be willing to give a less fortunate airman a ride to Mather. On one occasion I was offered a ride by an elderly man who seemed overly glad to offer me a ride. I noticed when I seated myself in his automobile that he had a pretty good gash on his forehead. He turned out to be a person of a different persuasion! On a dark stretch of road, nearing the Base, he asked me to go to Lake Tahoe with him and he would make sure it did not cost me a dime. It is often erroneously thought that when G.I.’s are hard up for money they will do most anything. I declined the offer, at which time he put his hand on my knee. I removed his hand rather forcefully and told him to keep his hands to himself. Thankfully, we were not far from the back gate to the Base as I was told to disembark myself from his automobile! I was all too glad to ‘hoof it’ the rest of the way to my barracks being in good physical shape at that time.

This leads me to a question that has haunted me for many years; why do humans find it necessary to bring their sexual persuasions out in the public for all to view? In the early decades of our country, a person’s sexual preference, be it Heterosexual or Homosexual, was kept between the partners of that chosen liaison. Suddenly, around the middle 1960’s, people began to be very open with their acts. Were these acts done in public because the persons wished to flaunt their prowess, or, were they trying to recruit as many people to their way as possible?

Growing up in a family of ten children, we were taught that we were not to view our brothers and sisters as they bathed themselves. We respected their privacy when they went to the outhouse or any place that required privacy. My sister paid my brothers and myself a huge compliment when she told my wife one summer, “I was never afraid that any of my brothers would try to spy on me in any way.” This was true growing up in the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s. What went on in other families was kept quiet in those families. We did not dare ask about their lives. After joining the Air Force we were all shocked to learn that there were no private showers! J

All of a sudden in the middle 1960’s, someone let the ‘cat out of the bag’ and a sexual revolution was on! Women took off more and more clothes gaining more and more attention! Men followed suit as they saw that by doing so they could gain a lot of attention as well. Today, it is normal, especially on T.V. and the internet, to see scantily dressed people of both sexes flaunting their bodies having no shame whatsoever. In fact, certain media outlets exist for the very purpose of extolling the values of nudity. So what is the purpose? Money, popularity, recruitment, or, as one of our writers just asked, “Will it ever be the same again, like it used to be?”

Pandora’s Box, or large jar, in Greek mythology contained all the evils of the world! Her curiosity overcame her and she allowed all the evils to escape! Before she could close it again, only Hope remained. Where did all these evils escape to? Have they all been lurking in dark corners to be unleashed on the unsuspecting populace of earth at a certain time? Of course, this is only a myth, but serves a great purpose to show that just the smallest action can lead to huge repercussions.

As, even the Disney channel, flaunts the values of being scantily dressed, who is being influenced by these icons of Hollywood? Is rape on the rise as our young students mimic their Hollywood counter-parts? Are those of other sexual persuasions allowed to flaunt their lifestyle without fear, but if anyone of another lifestyle says otherwise, they are called Homophobic, racist, and a lot of other names that are not worth mentioning in this article. Is there a double standard being exhibited in the U.S. at this time? For what purpose is this being done?

Wouldn’t it be nice if Pandora could suddenly regain all the evils that she let loose on mankind and place the lid on the box? Do not people have enough respect for others than to display everything they do even if it offends someone else? These are questions that must be answered individually. With respect, a lot of problems can be solved to straighten up the mess in America. Hopefully this will begin to happen in the near future! I have been called an idealist!

After all, Hope remained in the box!