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What do we expect?
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          In many religions Karma is the centerpiece belief. Karma, simply put, is the “Ultimate Justice.” It is the belief that everyone will harvest the results of their actions.
          Whether one believes in Karma or not, there is more often than not a relevant and germane result to a person’s or a country’s actions. 
          Perhaps justice doesn’t always seem to prevail – criminals at times go free to walk the streets, evil people gain riches and fame, the good sometimes suffer the slings of adversity, the faithful among us sometimes feel the wounds of misfortune.
          It does seem that, although taking its own sweet time, justice, or the rules of Karma, often prevail.
          What then, do we expect of our nation, that for so long has turned a responsible eye away from the very traits that made for us this extraordinary and astonishing land?
          How can we be surprised at the results of irresponsible bankers foisting ill-fated, capricious and illogical mortgages on irresponsible, frenzied borrowers? How can we be surprised at the results of greedy bankers and investment gurus pushing and unloading gift wrapped and gaudily packaged amalgamations of mortgages which were destined to self-destruct, leaving the financial structure of the country in shambles. 
          Shouldn’t we be shocked to immediate action upon finding out the mismanagement and nefarious doings of Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, supposed stalwarts of our home buying efforts.
          How can we be surprised at the avarice of those who purchased homes with the sole object of “flipping” the property weeks or months later to obtain a “sure thing” profit? Can we be surprised when these same people were unprepared and often unable to repay the loans, which resulted in a portion of those homes that currently bear “For Sale/Foreclosure,” signs decorating their lawns?
          What do we expect when the hallowed and most trusted of institutions, the bond rating agencies sell out, resulting in a dangerously misguided misled public?
          How can we be surprised at the financial difficulties we find ourselves in when much of the energies of our elected representatives are spent on creating garishly wasteful “Earmarks.” We have permitted our representatives to withdraw billions of dollars from our national treasury under the aegis of the “Earmark” appellation. A minor list of “Earmarks” (some call it “Congressional Pork”) totaled over sixteen billion dollars for the year 2008.
          Can we be surprised at our national financial condition when we know that millions of Americans live their daily lives saying “charge it?” Do we really believe that this country’s national balance sheet can be healthy when these millions of our citizens are using plastic to purchase television sets, automobiles, toys, medicine and their daily food intake – and many of these millions do not have the means to do anything but make a minimum monthly payment with their balances charged a twenty or thirty percent interest. Much of their remaining years will find these people burdened with sizeable debt and poor credit ratings. Perhaps some of our citizens should learn what their parents and grandparents did – they saved up to make purchases.
          Should we be disturbed that the teachers of our children are being layed off and fired due to lack of funding at the same time that mediocre athletes are being signed to twenty million dollar a year contracts. Should we be surprised to learn that our children are falling further and further behind those in other industrialized countries in academics?
          Should we casually accept the fact that some of our states are considering releasing prisoners from their jails and prisons due to overcrowded conditions? Is loosing these convicts on the American public the only intelligent solution?
          Shouldn’t we call for some immediate, emergency action to combat the vicious drug wars that are killing thousands of the guilty as well as innocents in Mexico and the U.S. Seven thousand died in last year’s drug-related murders? The viciousness of the murders includes beheading, torture and dismemberment. Most of the deaths are due to competition between the drug suppliers. Shouldn’t we be extremely interested in this war – as the greatest portion of these drug dealer’s sales is to our own American citizens. These men are fighting over the right to supply our children with drugs. Shouldn’t that be a prime concern to all Americans?
          Shouldn’t we ask for more honesty, ethics and unquestioned integrity from our elected officials? Should we not accept even the slightest impropriety from these people? 
          Shouldn’t we be concerned with the fattening of our children? Shouldn’t we be vitally concerned with the fact that people from foreign lands are doing most of our physical work? Shouldn’t we be concerned about the musculature of our children? Shouldn’t we care that the physical condition of Americans is deteriorating with two-thirds of us Americans overweight and out of shape. Can a nation of people unwilling and unable to do physical work long endure?
          America still stands as a beacon to the world. No nation that has existed on planet Earth has offered its citizens the freedoms, the style of easy living or the joyous pursuit of happiness that these United States have.
          If we are to continue to be this watchtower, this beacon to the world we should be more aware of what is happening between our borders – and more prepared and willing to take actions to correct the ills that could destroy us. 
          Perhaps we should pay more attention to our national Karma.