What's happening to our Country?
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 by Frank Shortt
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This was asked recently after the great tragedy in Texas!
Nov. 5, 2017 “Breaking News! Mass shooting in Texas! But first, a word from our sponsors!
You’ve just gotta get the latest in I phones! How can you live without it? Now, for our ongoing story of tragedy!”

April 19, 1775 “The British have attacked all along the eastern seaboard! But first, a word from our sponsor, Paul Revere! Folks, you’ve just gotta have the latest in Revere Ware. How can you cook without it? Now, on with the Revolution!”

April 12, 1861 “Confederates have fired the first shots at Fort Sumter! But first, a word about the latest in firearms: Folks, you’ve just gotta have this new Springfield musket, It’ll shoot the eye out of a squirrel at 500 yards! Buy your soldier son one soon!” Now we bring you the Civil War!

June 26, 1876 “General Custer and his whole troop have been wiped out at Little Big Horn. But first, a word about the greatest coat you can obtain, the Buffalo Robe! Now our story: It is said that Custer was a little hasty in taking on the whole Sioux nation!”

May 1, 1898 “American troops have fired on the Spanish at Manila Bay! Now a word from our sponsors: Folks, as you view this war photography, you too can take wonderful photos, just get yourself an Edison camera and start shooting! Now on with the Spanish American War!”

April 22, 1914 “Corporal Ernest Edward Thomas has fired the first shot against the German army! Now we take you to the headquarters of the British command where nurses are feting the high ranking officers with French champagne! Now back to the trenches!”

December 7, 1941, “Pearl Harbor in turmoil as Japan attacks! Now a word from our sponsors: Ladies if you want the latest in silk stockings, just see your local dealer! He will take care of you! Wow, there’s hardly a ship left in the Harbor!”

What is wrong with this picture in our country? The media has been faithful to report all that they knew (and sometimes more) about recent happenings in the world. Isn’t it ironic that before any major event is broadcast, printed, or televised, there must, without fail, be the accompanying advertisements that make the story possible! I don’t know if I am the only one who has noticed this, but it sometimes rankles me no end! The world could be falling apart with the most devastating earthquake imaginable, and someone would have to sneak in a commercial.

Recently, several actresses have suddenly realized that during filming of certain Hollywood movies, they were touched inappropriately by producers, directors, and fellow actors. There has not been one mention of how many women took advantage of young actors, touching them inappropriately. Is this fair play? Things have been portrayed on the screen that should not even be allowed in private! Is this what’s wrong in America?

It has been reported that the ‘casting couch’ was kept pretty busy during the forties and fifties. Unless an unusual case escaped from the casting lot, nothing was ever said about all the young actresses, and actors for that matter, who were molested, harassed, and taken advantage of by lecherous old movie moguls. Most incidents of clandestine relationships were kept pretty close to the vests of the movie producers. All is not right in our country! It seems that free speech has been taken to an unheard of level!

Sometimes we do not realize how much like animals we really are. Things have gotten steadily worse in America since the days of ‘free love’ in the 60’s and 70’s. When I was a young man, women dressed like women and men dressed like men! There was a certain unwritten dress code when young people went out, especially to an event in the public. (If things went on in the background, that was between the ones who chose to do those things in the dark.) Now, since ‘free love’ it is not uncommon to see performers on stage presenting themselves as strippers, men and women, walking out on stage already scantily dressed, and taking off the remaining covering as they gyrate to the beat of whatever music they are playing. This is all done in front of young children! Before, this was only allowed in places, called strip joints, where most decent citizens would not attend and especially children! Does this not affect our youngsters and show them bad examples? Is this contributing to all the turmoil in America? Is this how they draw attention to their talents? It seems that they do not have much confidence in their own talent!

I was raised to believe that womanhood was a sacred thing! I somehow feel betrayed as I see how, under the guise of ‘‘just being myself,” women have degraded themselves by baring their bodies in public to the extent of almost nudity. This is not only happening at ball games and carnivals, but also in places of worship. I have been told that things got so out of hand by American women at the Vatican that in desperation they finally put up signs telling American women to “dress properly to honor the dead” before entering their sacred places, such as the Catacombs! Is this setting a good example for the rest of the world?

All these things combined, is what’s wrong in America! It starts at the top! As advertisement, making of money, immorality, and the ‘blame game’ has taken control, how can any decent citizen expect to be able to thrive and stay alive? When any person can walk into a gun shop and buy a gun without being checked as to their mental state, what else can be expected when that person walks into a crowded room and begins firing on innocent people? A child, not familiar with the weapon in its hands, will instinctively point that weapon at whatever moves. Children are great copiers of those around them. America can do more to prevent tragedy, if she chooses to be more vigilant! Wake up America! Don’t wait for the Government to enforce gun-control upon you, use some restraint yourselves! How many guns does one person need?