Where to From Here?
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Nuclear disaster seems imminent as North Korea struts and crows about their ability to launch a nuclear warhead all the way to America's shores. Is North Korea getting tired of all the pollution of earth? Are they tired of not eating properly? What is really propagating their desire to destroy all mankind? Does Kim Jong-un think that he can deliver mankind from their headlong attempt to destroy themselves? Let us review a few problems to see what can be done!

Having traveled to northern California and also to southern California in the past month, I have seen nothing but trashy highways, polluted waterways, and folks allowing their properties to run down to such a degree that they can no longer be repaired. Clear Lake, the largest lake totally inside California, is so polluted by mercury that the fish caught cannot be eaten. (Man's mining ventures)! Graffiti is being allowed to stay on bridges, overpasses, and businesses as great 'graphic art'! Government officials have given up on the idea of eliminating all these problems. They have tried to use incarcerated ones to pick up trash, paint off graffiti, and patrol our water systems all to no avail. Unions and bleeding hearts have put a halt to any such 'nonsense'. There is no budget for any of these problems so governments are just saying, "let it go!" There is no help from that angle.

We are worrying about global warming and allowing our land to become so polluted that future generations will not be able to inhabit it. As my friend, Guido, and I traveled yesterday the few miles to Palo Alto from San Jose, there was so much trash on the sides of the freeway that pretty soon it will bleed over into the driver lanes. I cannot believe that this trash got there by itself. Is anyone ever arrested for throwing their leftovers and containers out their automobile windows? Even though most of California has now outlawed plastic bags, that is mostly what is seen on the sides of the roads. A law is not a law unless there is a penalty attached to it.

It has often been said that what this world needs is a Messiah! So, if we look around at our world leaders, which one could possibly be that Messiah? Is it the pope of Rome? He has problems dealing with child molesters and rebellious cardinals. Could it be Putin of Russia? He is too busy encroaching upon other smaller countries in his region. Could it be Xi Jinping of China? He has the same problem as Putin! What about Trump of the United States? He is too busy tweeting nonsense that has nothing to do with helping his people! One could try finding a Messiah in any country in the world and he would run into the same problems with each of them! Each time a Messiah has been needed, mankind has looked to the wrong person to fill the bill.

This leaves us with quite a dilemma! If there is no Messiah in this earth, it must come from some supernatural source. When other Messiahs have risen it was because the times demanded one. Germany needed one in the 1930's so she was given one who promised a chicken in every pot and prosperity on every hand. This was in the form of Hitler. We only need to study history to see where he failed miserably. Italy needed a Messiah in that same period of history, she was given Mussolini, a womanizing, ego-maniac who was finally hanged upside down with one of his mistresses in total disgrace. Tojo of Japan was supposed to be the 'wonder of wonders' for his people, he came to his Waterloo after trying to put one-hundred pounds in a ten pound bag! There was Napoleon of France, Alexander the Great of Greece, Stalin of Russia, etc! etc! So, where do we turn for our Messiah? (Maybe the FBI or CIA should kidnap Kim Jong-un and force him to tell us how to get out of this mess, reasonably!)

Mankind needs a Messiah to save him from himself! He has taken it upon himself to create things that will eventually destroy him. There is every kind of conceivable weapon, such as, nuclear bombs, chemical weapons of all varieties, airplanes that can deliver destruction of any kind known to man, and of course, the deadliest weapon of all, germ warfare. As mankind has traveled steadily westward, so have his diseases. Native Americans suffered more and were decimated more by germs introduced by the European than were killed by the guns and other weapons they brought. The same holds true of the native tribes of Mexico and other Mesoamerican countries. In several World Wars we have needed a Messiah. Instead, we depended upon the weapons invented by scientists to deliver us from our enemies. As a result, our boys were killed by millions, our enemies were killed by millions, and still there is no peace on earth that a True Messiah would bring!

Since Mankind has failed himself so miserably, am I wrong in supplicating for a Messiah? Shouldn't we all be entreating for one? Stay tuned for further developments!