Where Was Christ Born
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 by Frank Shortt
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It is difficult to get even two religions see eye to eye. There has never been, to my knowledge, as much turmoil as there is going on in the world at this time when the Prince of Peace is supposedly worshipped and adored.

The so-called Christian religions are farther apart than what they are with other world religions. Especially, when it comes to the birth of the One they claim to worship! Some say He was born in December. Some say He was born in June. Some say he was born in Bethlehem. Some say he was born farther north.

If there was a birth in December in an outside stable, several things would have gotten in the way. First, the shepherds would most assuredly not have been on the frozen plains of Judea tending sheep. The three?? Wise men would have needed a jet plane to arrive the night of the birth as they were somewhere in the Orient and, as it was, it took them almost three years to make the trek. Nowhere does the story say that they had camels to travel on. Can’t you just see the shepherds and wise men treading through deep snow drifts to reach the birth site? The sheep would be frozen in their tracks with nowhere else to go. The Virgin Mary and Joseph would have probably perished on the cold Judean plains and then there would have been no birth at all.

It seems to be irrelevant as to where the birth occurred as to the exact spot! The Scriptures say it happened so that should be sufficient for Christians everywhere. If the Word of God is trusted by Christians, then why are so many people saying one thing and doing another? Shouldn’t we be more concerned about what is happening in our own lives? We are so busy looking at what others are doing, and judging them, that we are not taking time to evaluate our own lives and actions. Where is this Christ that is supposed to be dwelling in each Christian heart? Where is this Prince of Peace that we so loudly proclaim that “He lives” every Easter morning?

He’s born each time a floundering soul receives the glorious news
That Jesus reigns in human hearts and not in chapel pews
The Heavenly angels sing each time a mortal finally relents
And glorifies the God of hosts as a wayward one repents!

Mo and the Roman
Dwarfed by the size of the soldier
She stood timidly by, watching!
Her first exposure to Christmas
A most spectacular outing!
She gazed as the Magi’s star shone
The way to Bethlehem back then
As Shepherds, watched their flocks by night,
Entertained by Angelic hosts!
Street vendors, plied their sundry wares
Unaware of the great event
Taking place under their noses
Just like merchants of modern days!
The flock keepers came to the cave
Where the newborn child lay swaddled
In wrapping from the necks of ox,
Where stable animals kept watch.
She questioned the meaning of this
As she had never been exposed
To the teachings and traditions
Wrought by man’s interpretations,
And was led by firm, gentle hands
To knowledge heretofore unknown
Taking this knowledge to Asia,
Where this event was never taught!