Who Will Protect Her?
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 by Frank Shortt
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Overshadowing the rest of the world, causing fire to rain from Heaven on her enemies, with her large, protective, Eagle Wings, she has often given generous helpings to some ‘enemy’ nations to buy friendship. These nations stood in awe of Her!

Some of these nations awakened to the fact that maybe this great eagle had ulterior motives. They soon realized that her all-encroaching army was being deployed as protection for Her own interests. This is not new as many immigrants have come to Her shores and become critical of Her doings. One has to wonder, “then why do they stay?”

By Her machinations, she did miracles in the sight of other nations. By her tremendous economic power, she was able to buy what she could not control by force. Those who did not comply to her inclinations were soon brought to their knees by economic sanctions. Billions upon Billions of taxpayer dollars have been spent on fruitless wars. Who knows where the next ‘police action’ will occur?

On November 18, 1978 a man named Jim Jones, seeing his soon demise due to his own undoing, fed cyanide laced Kool-Aid to his followers. Those who did not take it voluntarily were forced to drink it or be shot by Jones’ henchmen. These suicidal tendencies are not new. One Judas Iscariot in the times of Herod king of Israel, joined a band of men whom he thought to be the deliverers from the tyranny of Herod and Rome, finally sold out the leader and went and hanged himself when he saw that he was not to be the sole keeper of the money bag. This is thought to be what happened to Adolph Hitler as he saw his empire crumbling. The reasoning is that, “If I cannot have what I want then no one else will benefit from all my hard work!”

America, under several leaders has ‘sown to the wind’ and must soon reap what they have sown. North Korea is alleged to possess nuclear capabilities and the means to deliver their warheads all the way to America’s shores. Whether they do or whether they do not is of no consequence in the matter. The real problem is that North Korea’s leader is a narcissist leader who must, and will, have everything in his country go his own way! This is the type of person who, if things do not go his way, will use any means to destroy anything and everything that stands in his way. If there was the least bit of concern for the welfare of his people (as he alleges), he would seek more peaceful means for his and their survival. He has already, allegedly, killed his half- brother and an uncle because of small infractions of his many rules.

America is left with a dilemma! She is in the same predicament that the man had when he took in a mouthful of scalding, hot coffee; whatever he did next was the wrong thing to do. Should she just give in and allow North Korea to pursue their nuclear capabilities, or should she attack North Korea and destroy every semblance of nuclear capabilities. But, what of the fallout from destroying, what could be, any nuclear weapons in existence there? After all, nuclear fission is a dangerous thing to fool with. As a result, we sit on the proverbial ‘powder keg’ with the burning fuse!

America’s motto at one time was ‘walk softly and carry a big stick’! Now she has become the spoiling oppressor, as her conscience has become seared through justification of her actions. Alas, she sits on the ground, a target for the mud-slinging world! Some of her towers have fallen, maybe others to follow! Her ensign of the stars and stripes is being restricted even in her own National cemeteries for fear that it will incite riots during National holidays! It is faded and furled! She becomes compared to other infamous cultures in past history, Germany, Greece, Medo-Persia, the Roman Empire, who all somehow lost their way, now residents of dusty tomes relegated to ‘just history’!

The question remains, “who will now protect the protector?” Who has Her back? A terrible shape to be in is to have to watch one’s back at all times. Are we now alienating all those who, supposedly, were watching our backs? Who is watching their backs now that the Great Eagle is no longer hovering over them?