Why all the Investigations?
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 by Frank Shortt
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Each time the news is broadcast by T.V., Radio, or Television, there appears to be another investigating committee set up in Washington, D.C. to investigate one event or the other.

A committee has been set up to investigate whether or not Russia interfered in the election process of the latest election for president of the United States. Then there are sub-committees set up to make sure the other committees are stating the facts.

The first investigative committee dates back to 1789 to insure that congress used the proper rules and procedures. Today, an investigating committee can only be set up by the National Council. There are committees set up to investigate what went on in Benghazi, one to investigate planned parenthood, one for Science, Commerce, and Transportation, others for Agriculture, Armed Services, Budget, Judiciary, Rules, Veterans Affairs, Ways and means, etc.! All these have sub-committees set up to insure that the main committee is doing the right thing!

Congressmen/women, and senators are allegedly not paid extra to be on an investigative committee. Each member of the house and senate are paid 174,000 per annum. So how does one who is paid so little to represent so many end up with so much money? It is assumed that the net worth of one well-known senator from California is between $43 million and $202 million. Another one from California is double that amount. What is the incentive to be a Congressman or Senator in the first place? Are they doing this for their health?

In the beginning, when Donald Trump was running for president, I turned to my wife and said, “Now there is a spoiled brat if ever I saw one!” I still maintain that he has had a spoiled, decadent, life, but, nevertheless, he is our president! The past few events, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and now Jose and Maria, as well as, threats from North Korea and Iran have caused our ‘spoiled brat’ to grow up considerably. It seems that he is now allowing the men he chose to lead certain departments to do their job and to advise him in the right direction. His speech at the U.N. today was an amazing feat of fortitude! I just pray that North Korea and Iran have enough love for their citizens to understand that Mr. Trump, speaking for America, means business!

With all the investigations bogging the Senate and Congressional Committees down, how do they ever find time to run the country? Isn’t it time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country, which belongs to all of us, the United States of America? However Trump attained to the White House, He is there, and looks like he is there for the long haul. As we were told while I was in the service of my country, “He is the commander-in-chief, show the office the respect it is due even if you disagree wholeheartedly with the individual!” When we, as lowly airmen, passed a ‘shavetail’ Lieutenant fresh out of the Academy, we saluted his bars, not his person!

In my humble opinion, the thing that is lacking most in America is lack of respect for our fellow man, whether he is any color of the rainbow, whether he is of a major religion not like ours, or whether he is of another political party, we must respect him for, at least, standing up for something! I hope this article will find rest in at least one heart!