Bill Barth
Bill Barth was born in Paris (Illinois, that is.). His farm family’s ties to the land date to pioneer days, in the early 1800s.
He is a Journalism graduate of Southern Illinois University. Post-graduation, he worked at Business Perspectives, a scholarly publication of the SIU Business and Economics departments. His first newspaper job was as a reporter with Howard Publications, publishers of the Charleston Times-Courier and Mattoon Journal Gazette in downstate Illinois. He has served as city editor, managing editor and, now, editor of the Beloit (Wis.) Daily News.

Bill’s work has been recognized by the Illinois Press Association; Inland Daily Press Association; Associated Press Managing Editors Association; Wisconsin Newspaper Association; and the National Newspaper Association. Awards include regional and national citations for investigative reporting, editorial writing and column writing. He is a past president of the Wisconsin Associated Press; a member of the Wisconsin AP Executive Board; and a longtime member of the Wisconsin Newspaper Association’s Legislative Affairs Committee.

Bill and the love of his life, Stephanie Klett, are the parents of a three-year old miniature schnauzer named Scruffy. Bill’s other kids are Traci, a financial consultant in Florida; Kyle, a business owner in the Chicago area; and John, a college student and part-time volunteer firefighter. Stephanie, the 1992 Miss Wisconsin, hosts “Discover Wisconsin” television and radio programs in the Midwest, and on the national Travel Channel.
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